About New Sun Ceramics (Pvt) Ltd.

Who are we?

We deliver on our promise by providing quality and innovative products at a reasonable price to our valuable customers for all their needs in ceramics. New Sun Ceramics was found in 2007 and is based in Colombo.

About us.

Commencing operations in 2007 as New Sun Ceramics, was renamed New Sun Ceramics (Pvt) Ltd in 2013. In total we have been serving the niche market for the last 15 years.

New Sun Ceramics (Pvt) Ltd is a pioneer importer of quality and innovative wall tiles, floor tiles, sanitary PVC pipes, filling & plumping fixtures from globally well recognized renowned companies, whose products are able to meet the needs of the local market.

We have been sourcing our products from companies in China, India, Italy, Thailand & Vietnam. Our company has witnessed a tremendous growth in last few years solely due to our commitment to maintain quality and innovation in all the products we deal with.

Our Mission

Our intention is to be the pioneer and superior in the industry, enhancing our channel network, scrutinizing customer’s needs, and emphasizing on the product availability at the right quality in affordable price, and enhance our staff with a wider knowledge of our products and to empower them with a high level of service orientation enabling maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

We believe that our customers are the main assets for us, thus we apply the following strategies to focus more to move into the commercial & retail industries.

# . Increase our production quantity with quality and innovative products to meet the customer needs.
# . Increase our branch network for our customer convenience and provide the best possible customer service.
# . Bring out the cutting edge technology at it’s best in local market.
# . Be more focused on promoting Sun Ceramic brands.
# . We provide / create a platform to promote our valuable employees to grow along with us.
# . We introduce a new dimension in this industry where we can expand it locally and globally.

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